Дни активности радиолюбителей

In 2014 on occasion of start-up chief HAMs travel portal, club «Radio Wave» has founded monthly special event activity.  All who wish will have plenty of time to join the event.


Why it is worth to joint the club’s special event?

  • The special event activity is aiming to promote HAMs-travel movement in different locations of Russia, CIS and entire world;
  • Join special event activity you contribute to development of our and your club and entire movement!



  • 00:00 UTC 20 October — 24:00 UTC 20 November 2014.


Scored QSO

  • Routine QSO (all mode, all HF/UHF bands);
  • Stationary stations score QSO with all stations using «slash» in callsign from Russia and world wide, such as: /p, /m, /mm, /am, /#, also scored are QSOs with «Radio Wave» club members no matter of their locations;
  • Portable stations score QSO with both stationary and portable stations;
  • In both cases scored only one QSO with one callsign on each band;
  • Stations using different «slash» to callsign or none of them due to stationary operation are scored as different callsigns.


Award claim conditions

  • Stationary stations required to log at least 50 scored QSO;
  • Portable stations required to log at least 100 scored QSO;
  • SWL required to log at least 10 SWL reports with special event stations;
  • During QSO share the event information on the club «Radio Volna» special event activity.


Submit special event log

  • Special event log to be submitted to: da@r-wave.com;
  • Log shall contain routine QSO data. Obligatory is to specify in the log QTH-locator of each worked station. Accepted any text log (xls, doc, txt).
  • It is recommended though not obligatory to record audio file with several QSO, record video of event participation or make some kind of small photo essay. Any of above mentioned helps us to make interesting  special event report. We hope for your contribution.
  • Log submitting deadline 20 December 2014


Electronic file is to be send by e-mail, printed version can be sent upon request.


We’d like to thank you for sincere support and participation!


Translation: TNX UT4UT