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  1. UE3QRP / 1, Pulkovo Heights

    From the memories of a decade ago.

    May 9, 2005 Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory

    Not so often our brother - ham - are allowed to work in the air with Onsite abundant warning placards "No Trespassing!" However, St. Petersburg QRP-hams managed to get permission to work in the Victory Day low power club callsign UE3QRP / 1, is located directly in front reflector system 100-meter radio telescope at Pulkovo Radio Astronomy Observatory.

    Unfortunately, ...
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  2. Morning walk in the autumn forest

    Sunday. He got up, when the window of the woods yet sag morning mist.

    There is nothing better than a walk on wet with dew forest walk on soft moss hummocks, hear Twitter negotiators on their bird language inhabitants, and sometimes silence.

    Walking in the woods, I'm really something for nothing and did not count, I do not come out I look for mushrooms and berries. Just walk, wherever you are, the forest and no one else.

    However, and without going into ...
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  3. Video shot with a height quadrocopters.

    Video shot by a quadrocopters our Kazakhstan UP44WFF team traveling amateur radio.

    Video by UN7GIT