Morning walk in the autumn forest

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Sunday. He got up, when the window of the woods yet sag morning mist.

There is nothing better than a walk on wet with dew forest walk on soft moss hummocks, hear Twitter negotiators on their bird language inhabitants, and sometimes silence.

Walking in the woods, I'm really something for nothing and did not count, I do not come out I look for mushrooms and berries. Just walk, wherever you are, the forest and no one else.

However, and without going into the depth of 500 meters, not far from the remains of the dugout, whom, along with trenches, in our forests at every turn, I find a peaceful resting against a tree...

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...mortar shell!!!

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It looks like someone dug it, and so they left. I was rusty, but all in all a very well-preserved, destroyed just the tip of the detonator. It seems that it did not explode. I do not touch it became, as the potential for knock-looking she is.
Next was stunning in its beauty swampy forest. Yes, I accidentally dropped it in the swampy part of it. Fortunately marshes are dry and mossy. As everywhere bush cranberries, cranberry and bilberry. True berries this year born a not everywhere, collecting was practically nothing.

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I went out of the forest is not quite where expected, but here I was waiting for an interesting exhibit - cast (apparently the owner went for a shovel), a two-wheeled horse from BMW.

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Fifteen more minutes and I came out of the woods. As it turned out five hundred meters from the place where I got it.

For half an hour covered 2.5 kilometers and stomped 4,500 steps. And most importantly enjoyed the walk through the forest fairy.

And where is the amateur radio, you ask me? Yes, it is a gram though, he took with him a portable radio and said that our repeater Petersburg and I have been here for 50 km from the city. Open, of course, I have it and could not.

And as you go into the woods?
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