UE3QRP / 1, Pulkovo Heights

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From the memories of a decade ago.

May 9, 2005 Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory

Not so often our brother - ham - are allowed to work in the air with Onsite abundant warning placards "No Trespassing!" However, St. Petersburg QRP-hams managed to get permission to work in the Victory Day low power club callsign UE3QRP / 1, is located directly in front reflector system 100-meter radio telescope at Pulkovo Radio Astronomy Observatory.

Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to us, the resolution gave the right to use only one range - 20 m. Apparently, the radiation of super-stellar objects are so small that even our QRP-power can interfere with radio telescopes!

The intellectual and technical mastermind of this mini-expedition was Vladimir Nikitin, UA1AVA (# 025). He was assisted in the preparation and conduct of the expedition Gregory Chernous, RA1ABH (Amateur Radio Club of travelers). It should be noted also help the employee of the Pulkovo Observatory radio astronomy department Stanislav N. Brousse, with the assistance of which the expedition and held.

To operate the air used QRP-transceiver ICOM IC-703 with a pulsed power supply ALINCO DM-330MVE, dish - "dipole tilt" at 20 m, the upper end of which was fixed to the mast height of 7 m.

This mini-radio expedition RU-QRP Club was devoted to the 60th anniversary of the Great Victory. It is well known which heavy fighting took place on those same Pulkovo heights in the days of the Great Patriotic War. It was there that took place the last line of defense on the way to the hero city of Leningrad. The first words of the expedition participants, broadcasts were congratulations on Victory Day.
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