Radio traveler

This is an officially registered radio amateur, who uses a radio station in non-fixed or temporary fixed conditions outside a basic deployment site.

Radio travelling

Radio travelling is the movement of radio station not closer than to an adjacent square of QTH locator (but not less than 2 km) when operated with non-fixed power source, including batteries, accumulators, and petrol power units.

QTH locator (WW locator, Maidenhead, MH, WW-Grid, etc.)

This is the system of the determination of location on the Earth surface. It includes a division to sectors, big and small squares. It is determined by calculation of geographic coordinates or using GPS systems. It is generally accepted for the determination of location in all programs of Radio travelers club.

Radio station callsign

This is the officially registered radio station identifier. The call signs of radio traveler usually have prefixes /p, /m, /mm, or other, which means that the radio station currently has a location different from the fixed location.