Amateur Radio

A radio amateur is an individual who takes interest in radio and radio issues and deals with radio transmission and/or radio reception.


Amateur radio communication is a multifaceted technical hobby that manifests itself in the conduction of radio communications in radio spectrums designated for this purpose. This hobby can have focus in a particular component. For example:

  • the designing and construction of amateur reception and transmitting equipment and antennas;
  • the conduction of the highest number of communications with particular categories of radio amateurs;
  • participation in different competitions in radio communication;
  • collecting QSL cards, which are sent as the confirmation of conducted radio communications, and/or diplomas, which are issued for the conduction of particular communications;
  • the search and the conduction of radio communications with radio amateur stations, which work from remote locations or locations where amateur radio stations work in very rare cases;
  • work with the particular types of radiation (telegraph, single sideband modulation, the digital forms of communication), work with low power transmitter (QRP), work on the simplest equipment, etc.
  • participation in radio expeditions: airing from the remote and hard-to-reach places where no active radio amateurs are present.


Radio amateur goes on air based on the license (permission) issued for him and using call signs assigned to him. The activity of radio amateurs is regulated by the legislation of this country. Radio Regulations is the basis for such legislation.

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An expedition is a group of people who set forth to distant regions aiming to conduct search, scouting, inspection, and a radio expedition can serve as the example of this. The term expedition derives from Latin word expeditio and means backpacking. Scientific expeditions are usually related to route movement along the territory of interest. However, permanent study areas are being used in the practice of longstanding expeditions with increasing frequency. The scientific expedition consists of the group of scientists-experts and supporting personnel who are organized into a troop or a team equipped with necessary technical equipment. We can draw an analogy with a radio expedition in this case.


Travelling is the movement along a particular territory or water area, aiming to study it, as well as for the educational, cognitive, sporting, and other purposes. Due to the rapid development of tourism, the term travelling began to mean any trip conducted individually to some extent. Currently, people who participate in individual and usually adventurous trips are called travelers. Backpacking is an organized group event related to active leisure.


Traveling with Radio Wave includes the radio travelers’ notes, which contain road impressions, the description of road incidents, the observations, and pretend to inform a reader on fresh information about little-known or newly opened places, as well as sightseeing of interest from both radio amateur and general educative angles.