Diploma „Radiotraveler“

In order to obtain a diploma, it is needed to:


For stations which work in fixed conditions (Hunters).

Gain 100 points for work with radio stations which operate on any amateur ranges with any radiating types and located in different regions of coordinate grid in the QTH-locator (Maidenhead) system. Connections through relay stations are not counted.

  • For connections with fixed stations, one point for each region is counted.
  • (Note: a region is defined by the first four figures of QTH-locator)
  • With radio stations which employ /p, /m, /mm, /am and /…, two points for each region are counted.
  • With the members of Radio Wave who work in non-fixed conditions, five points are counted for each communication.
  • With radio stations which work QRP (up to 5 Watt CW and digi, up to 10 Watt SSB) points are doubled.

Different communications with the same call sign are counted if this sign worked from different regions. Short-wave listeners have to gain 100 points under the same terms. At the same time, they have to accept both QTH locators. An application in the form of an extraction from a message log (don’t send a full message log, please!) has to be submitted according to the form which you can find on the website www.r-wave.com. You must specify full QTH locators of all distant stations in the application. An application has to be composed in alpha-numeric order of locators.


For stations which work in non-fixed conditions (Activators).

Conduct not less than 50 communications with any amateur radio stations from each of three world regions during the work with QRP and not less than 100 communications during the work with QRO. Communications conducted from the same region at different times are summarized. The transfer of the current QTH locator is obligatory during these communications. An Activator must preliminary declare to the administration of Radio Wave Club his intention to work from particular regions and specify approximate time frames and working schedule. When a radio travelling is finished, activator has to render a report in the form of the extraction from message log and provide the confirmations of visiting each region.


Communications for a diploma are counted since 01.01.2014