„Radio Wave“ diplomas

The diploma program of the „Radio Wave“ Club of radio amateurs-travelers was created for all people who want to participate in it and are interested in real and virtual travelling within the territory of Russia (Russian Federation), CIS, and world.


Radio travels are divided into on-site, when a radio operator participates in a backpacking or expedition and conducts radio communications in a route, and off-site, when a radio amateur conducts radio communications from home and according to the program.


Binding to a territory is determined based on the system of QTH locators, which is familiar to radio amateurs. It is also known as WW-locator, Maidenhead, etc.


The territory of Russia in a varying degree is corresponded by 35 bilateral coordinate parcels, which are called sectors. The sectors JO, NN, ON, RQ, AQ include small slices of Russian territory. And the entire world is divided into 324 sectors.


Each sector consists of 100 parts, which are called regions. Consequently, we have about 3000 regions for Russia and 32400 for the entire world. Each of regions is divided into 576 squares or locators which have the surface of 10-20 square kilometers size. Thus, there are more than 1 500 000 for Russia and more than 18 000 000 (eighteen million!) locators for the entire world.


Moreover, there are five sectors (OR, PR, QR, RR, AR) that fully fall within the Arctic Ocean. There are no and could not be any fixed stations there, but different expeditions, marine vessels, planes, and drifting scientific stations may occur there.


A diploma program includes two aspects:


  1. Radio stations that temporary work from a particular locator, such as p, /m, /mm, /am, and fixed stations located within these squares.
  2. Radio stations that work with the above mentioned stations regardless of prefixes to call signs. Nevertheless, different factors can be taken into account in the diploma program: decimals to call signs of non-fixed stations, low-power work (not more than 5 Watt), membership in „Radio Wave“, etc. For those who work in non-fixed conditions, a number of communications from the activated square, region, or sector will be counted. For QRP – not less than 20 communications per square, 50 per region, and 100 communications per sector. Subsequently, for QRO it would be 50 — 100 — 200. The number of communications (points) for the receipt of a particular diploma will correspond to its status.


Communications for the diplomas of Radio Travelers Clubs are counted since 01.01.2014. You must specify a locator (for example, KO59BQ) from which a station was working in applications for all diplomas.



Stations which work with /p, /m, /mm, /am can gain a needed number of communications during several travels in the same square.


To activate a region or a sector, it is needed to previously notify „Radio Wave“ about it, and after the work is finished, send the report with the confirmation of work from the announced location. You can do this, for example, by making a photo of a GPS receiver against the background with a unique local object. Also, it is necessary to make the general photo of the object or the sightseeing for the catalogue of objects of the Diploma program. Photos and the brief description of the object should be sent to the catalogue’s manager.