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„Radio Wave“ is the major tourist portal for radio amateurs!

Life of every true radio amateur-traveler is full of events which stay in our memory to a varying degree. We prepare for them in anticipation, plan them and hardly wait for them…


A portal for radio amateurs „Radio Wave“ is full of such events. It began its work in 2007 as a club for radio travelers, and it has touched the feelings of many radio amateurs. We hope that it will satisfy expectations and demands of radio amateur travelers, enthusiasts of our common movement both in Russia and abroad. Initially, the portal was announced on the websites QRZ and CQHAM, which are dedicated to radio amateurs.


Summer is probably the best time for radio amateurs’ travelling!

Typical experienced radio amateur-traveler starts preparing to summer from winter, when he spends long and dark evenings at home, making plans, studying routes, and selecting equipment to be prepared for all difficulties waiting for him when he goes out to enjoy RadioTravelling to the maximum extent.


„Radio Wave“ is the club and the website created to unite radio amateurs by their positive attitude towards traveling and the entire world. It makes like-minded people closer and provides at least the fractional opportunity to live through feelings and emotions which the tales and the reports of radio amateurs-travelers contain. The unique geography of the portal’s members, various funny and very serious situations in backpacking and radio expeditions, a desire to forget all cares at least sometimes and a wish take radio equipment, deploy antennas in a field is what unites us singly and collectively, and this is what the major tourist portal for radio amateurs „Radio Wave“ is.


„Radio Wave“ is communication itself, and it is aided by the integration of such services like diaries of radio amateurs-travelers, where everyone can trace his history of travelling, radio technical and tourist forums, which help to choose gear and solve arising issues, the cluster of club’s events and radio expeditions, as well as a constantly growing and evolving social network for radio amateurs-travelers. The website includes the system of social groups, which can be organized by the heads of radio clubs and the authorized representatives of radio organizations. The possibility to subscribe to forums, diaries, and groups provides the opportunity to keep the track of arrangements and follow all interesting events.


Be with us, stay on „Radio Wave“!